• Icicle Wine Chiller and Pourer

Not serving your wine at optimal drinking temperature is a terrible crime. The full flavour contained within your white, sparkling or rose wine requires optimal chilling to bring it out. Introducing the solution you've been looking for - The Icicle Wine Chiller & Pourer.

This stylish wine chilling rod is designed for quick and easy wine chilling and also features a pour-through aerator and pourer. You can pour the wine through the chiller whilst allowing the wine to breathe, removing the need for decanting.

It's made from FDA approved food grade material and is easy to clean. The stylish design fits all standard sized wine bottles so its perfect for parties or the garden.

Simply place the chiller in the freezer to activate the non toxic ice gel contained inside. Once cooled, pop it into your wine, wait a couple of minutes for it to do it's magic and hey presto - perfectly chilled and aerated wine!

Happy drinking!

          Chills wine in just 10 minutes

          freezes in freezer in as little as two hours

          Pouring attachment

          Wine flows past the icicle and through the attached pourer for a perfectly chilled glass of wine

•          Dimensions: 1” x 1” x 12.5” approx

Icicle Wine Chiller and Pourer

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